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Maptun Performance AB

Responsible for personal data is Maptun Performance AB, 556600-4106.

The personal data we collect and handle about you may come from Maptun Performance AB's websites (both own and other websites and third party social networks), electronic mail, SMS and other electronic messages, customer service, store, print and digital registration forms for example competitions, promotions, events, etc. Also from publicly available information from social networks and other public sources. What information we collect about you depends on which of our services you use. Responsible for personal data is Maptun Performance AB, organization number 556600-4106.

With reference to law, we refer to The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, and other applicable Swedish data protection legislation.

We collect this information


We collect personal contact information such as name, registration number, mailing address, email address, social networking or telephone number. There may also be other information needed to give you access to your specific account profile, such as login name / email address, screen name, irrevocable password, or security questions and answers and demographic data such as geographic location (for example zip code).

Technical data

Details of technical equipment that you use to connect to any of our websites or apps, such as the IP address of your computer or device, type of operating system, browser type and version. If you connect to a Maptun Performance AB website or app with a smartphone or other mobile device, we can also collect information about the phone's unique ID, advertising ID, geographic location and similar data.

Information about using websites

When you visit or interact with our sites, including our chat feature, or newsletter, we automatically use data collection technology to collect certain information about your activities. It includes information about which links you click, which pages or content you're viewing and how long and other similar information and statistics about your visits, such as response times to content, file retrieval errors, and visitor length on certain pages. This information is automatically retrieved using cookies (browser cookies, flash cookies) and web signals as well as third party tracking services.

Consumer Feedback

Information that you voluntarily give us about your experiences of our products and services.

Consumer Generated Content

Content you create and then share with us by uploading it to any of our sites or apps, including apps on social networks like Facebook. It can be photographs, video clips, personal stories or something else. We can collect and publish consumer-generated content in a wide range of activities, including competitions and other campaigns, web community and consumer activities, and participation in third party social networks.

Information in social networks

Information you share publicly on a social network or information that is part of your profile in a social network belonging to third parties (such as Facebook) and which you allow the network to share with us. This includes basic account information (name, email address, gender, birthday, home location, profile picture, username, friend list, and the like) and additional information or activities that you allow the social network to share. We receive information about your profile or sections of your social network profile every time you download or communicate with a Maptun Performance AB web application on a social network such as Facebook every time you use a social networking feature that is integrated into a Maptun Performance AB website (like Facebook Connect) or every time you communicate with us through a social network. To learn more about how your data in third-party social networks is retrieved by Maptun Performance AB, or if you do not agree to share social networking information, visit the site for each social network.

Payments and financial information

This is all information we need to complete an order or which you use to make a purchase, such as payment or credit card details (cardholder name, card number, last day of validity) or other forms of payment. We do not have access to bank details such as credit card information, but are handled by affiliated bank suppliers. Regardless of method, we handle payment information and financial data in a manner that complies with applicable laws and standards.

Calls to customer service

Conversations with our customer service can be recorded for local operational needs (for example, for quality or educational purposes) and in some cases for filing proof that information has been obtained about our personal data processing. If required by applicable law, you are informed about the recording at the beginning of the call and are given the opportunity to deny it.

Other sources

In order to keep our information about you updated, we may collect information about you from other sources, such as publicly available personal records. To secure payment, etc. we can also use data we collect from credit rating registers and from our partners.

Camera surveillance

We also collect pictures of you when you visit our physical store and workshop through camera surveillance. We use camera surveillance to prevent crime and create security for our customers, our employees and for us as companies.

Collection, purpose and legal basis

In order for our processing of your personal data to be legal, it is assumed that there is a legal basis for this, that it is necessary to fulfill a contract with you or a legal obligation, or that the treatment is made after a balance of interest or after you have given your consent to a specific handling. Below are examples of the purposes for which we process your personal data and on the basis of which legal basis this is done, unless expressly stated in conjunction with the collection of your personal data.

Legitimate interest

Maptun Performance ABs, where appropriate, legitimate interest in the aforementioned personal data processing based on an interest balance is to offer you a better buy and customer experience as well as to provide you with personalized custom offers and other relevant information as well as full service and communication. As part of our quest to constantly try to make improvements for you as a customer, we analyze how you use the services. Another legitimate interest is to prevent crime and create security for our customers, our employees and for us as company.

Log files

We collect data in the form of log files that record activity on the websites and collect statistics about your surfing habits. The data is created automatically and helps us to search for errors, improve performance or maintain website security.

Customer Support

When we respond to requests and other issues, we usually get the contact information and information (such as order status, technical issues, questions or complaints about products, general issues) that we need to resolve the issue.

Legal basis: Fulfillment of agreement (customer requests) and eligible interest (other).

Competitions, marketing and other promotions

We use your personal information to provide you with information about goods or services (such as promotional material, promotions or offers). It may be through email, ads, text messages, phone calls and postal mailings to the extent permitted by applicable law. This use of your personal data for promotional goals may also be subject to so-called profiling. Some of our campaigns can be conducted on third party websites and / or in social networks. For more information about our competitions and other promotions, see the official rules or details attached to each contest / promotion.

Legal basis: Eligible interest (new customer) and fulfillment of agreement (existing customer).

Social networks

To send you ads and communicate with you in social networks, we use your personal information when interacting with features in third party social networks, such as "like" features. You can find out more about the features and profile information we can get about you, plus how to avoid disclosing the information by reviewing the social network privacy policy.

Legal basis: Eligible interest (new customer) and fulfillment of agreement (existing customer).

Individual customization (offline and online)

We use your personal information to simplify your use of our site. For example, we remember your username, email address, or screen name so you can quickly log in the next time you visit our site or easily find the items you previously added to your shopping cart.

Legal basis: Eligible interest (new customer) and fulfillment of agreement (existing customer).

Targeted advertising

We can collaborate with advertising networks and other providers of advertising services that we and other unrelated companies hire to promote online advertising.

Legal basis: Fulfillment of agreement.

Order Fulfillment

We use your personal information to process and deliver your orders, inform you about the status of your order, check addresses, verify your identity and other fraud prevention activities. This means that we use some personal contact information and payment information.

Legal basis: Fulfillment of agreement.

Other general purposes

We use your information for other general business purposes, such as internal marketing studies and demographic surveys, and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, to evaluate, develop and improve our services and products and systems. We also use your personal information to ensure our own security, prevent abuse of our services, prevent and investigate violations, and fulfill obligations we have by law.

Legal basis: Eligible interest and fulfillment of a legal obligation.

Camera surveillance

We use camera surveillance in our shop as well as workshop to prevent crime and create security for our customers, our employees and for us as a company.

Legal basis: Eligible interest.

Information to third parties

We are very concerned about protecting your personal information. Except where you have given your consent, we do not license or sell your personal information to third parties.

Service providers

Here we mean third-party companies that we hire to help us conduct our business (such as order fulfillment, payment management, fraud prevention and identity checks, debt collection, site management, support services, campaigns, web development, etc.). Service providers and their staff only have permission to use your personal data on our behalf for the specific tasks they have to perform in accordance with our instructions and act as personal information assistants for us. They are required to keep your personal information confidential and secure.

Due to legal reasons

If Maptun Performance AB or its assets are acquired or merged with another company, including through bankruptcy, we may share your personal information with one of our successors. We may also disclose your personal information to third parties when required by applicable law, in connection with legal proceedings (such as responding to a request from competent law enforcement authority to protect our rights, our privacy, security, property or the public, or to enforce terms of use or terms of our site).

How to protect your personal information

Storage time

In accordance with applicable law, we use your personal information only for as long as required to fulfill the purposes for which your personal data were collected or to comply with applicable legal requirements.

Persons who have access to your personal information

Your personal data is only processed by authorized personnel in the performance of their duties and depending on the purposes for which your personal data has been collected (Customer Service staff, for example, have access to your information in the customer register).

Measures in operating environments

We store your personal data in operating environments that use appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access. We comply with reasonable standards for the protection of personal data. The transmission of information via the internet is unfortunately not entirely certain. While we do much to protect your personal information, we can not guarantee data security when transferring through our websites. Should we detect a breach of integrity, Maptun Performance AB will notify the Data Inspection and the relevant customers where required by law.

Measures from you

It is important that you also contribute to keeping your personal data safe and secure. For example, think of choosing a password that is hard to guess for others. Never unlock the password for anyone. You are responsible for keeping the password secret and for all use of your account. If you are using a shared or public computer, you must ensure that your user information is not saved on your computer. Be sure to log out of your account every time you leave your computer. Also, use the privacy settings or controls we provide on our site.

Customize your personal information

Cookies / similar technologies

You can set your browser to block all or some cookies or to notify you when a site uses cookies.

Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions

You can terminate marketing communications from any media including third party social networks at any time by calling customer support. Please note that even if you post marketing notifications, you can still receive administrative messages from us, such as order confirmations or other transaction information, account activity notifications (account notifications, password changes, etc.) and other important messages.

Your rights

Right of access

In accordance with law, you are entitled to request free information from us about what personal data Maptun Performance AB handles about you after clearly identifying what information you wish to receive (for example, what categories of specific personal data we treat about you and for what purposes). You can practise these rights by contacting us. We will then ensure your identity and answer your requests without unnecessary delay within a month. In case we can not meet your wishes, we will notify you and state why. We will send the registry extract to your registered address.

Change and deletion of personal data and data portability

You may request removal, correction or amendment of your personal data, refuse processing of your personal data, limit usage and disclosure of personal data, transfer the personal data you provided to us and revoke any consent to processing your personal data. Please note that in some cases we can not delete your personal data without deleting your user account at the same time. It may be required that we retain part of your personal data after you request removal to fulfill our obligations under law or agreement. It may also be permitted under applicable law that we retain certain personal data to meet our business needs. Some of our websites have a special feature for you to review and edit the personal data you provided. Note that our registered customers must be able to verify their identity (such as login name / email address, password) before they can access their account information and make changes. This helps us prevent unauthorized access to your account. Please note that all information submitted to us is processed in accordance with applicable laws and to the extent permitted by law.

Right to objections

You are entitled to object to our processing of your personal data as we do based on legitimate interest after a balance of interest. We must then, after specifying what handling you object to, show that there are interests that weigh heavier. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data at any time for direct marketing, including profiling.

Changes and complaints

Changes / adjustments to the policy

Maptun Performance AB has the right to make changes to the privacy policy. If any significant changes are made to the privacy policy, we will inform you in good time before any changes occur.


If you believe that we process your personal data in violation of current regulations, please report this to us as soon as possible. You may contact Datainspektionen if you have complaints about our personal data processing.


If you believe that you suffered damage because our processing of your personal data has been in violation of law, you may be entitled to damages. You may then seek damages from us or bring an action in court.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to comment on the policy and our privacy practices, please contact us by email: or call customer support on +4619-23 70 30.

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